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Candy Thoughts

If today you are happy, you look back and all you can remember is happiness. All the good things in your work, in your relationship, or in the city you live in. But tomorrow something happens, something that our mind labeled as "bad", and when you look back, the same part of your life that yesterday was heaven, today, it has been nothing less than hell. Our minds will justify any position it wants to believe. Any. Make no mistake about it, because this is what the mind does. And needless to say, none of those perceptions, are true.

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Out of the Way

For what you want is in your heart, not in your head. What you truly are meant to do in this life, is stored in your deepest breath, in your chest, and the head is far away from it. The more and more you let go of the design of life that your mind created, the more and more your heart will shine and you´ll be in contact with your true wish. Happiness, peace and freedom awaits there.

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Super Heros... US

Once we overcome our minds, once we let go of the idea that being SUPER and knowing yourself as super is arrogant, we start to recognize our greatness, to know our magic, to use our powers for the good of others. That´s who we are. Naturally great, naturally selfless, and magically constructed to go beyond time and space, if not in our bodies, in our exploration of consciousness.

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