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In the dark.

One of the things I am most grateful for is that nowadays, whenever I close my eyes, there´s silence. Pure, pristine, absolutely peaceful silence. I does not matter if I am in the bathroom, if I am driving - just kidding - , if I am at a restaurant, at the supermarket, or in the middle of a stressful situation. If I close my eyes for the tiniest bit, say three seconds, there is silence. It wasn´t always like that.

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Human Spirit

Yes, human spirit is wondrous. So unless you are a robot reading this blog, you have that in you. You and yourself alone have the power to impact humanity (not a little bit, but all of it). You are equipped from original manufacture to be a real life hero (unless of course you don´t have a heart which in that case you are more likely to be the tin-man). Your head might be a lazy couch potato or throw you one hundred excuses, but your heart knows. It really does man.

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Out of the Way

For what you want is in your heart, not in your head. What you truly are meant to do in this life, is stored in your deepest breath, in your chest, and the head is far away from it. The more and more you let go of the design of life that your mind created, the more and more your heart will shine and you´ll be in contact with your true wish. Happiness, peace and freedom awaits there.

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