A Letter From Truth

Hello, I am Truth. Here we meet again at 3 am when I have to wake you all of a sudden, slapping your head until you suddenly wake up. Maybe in the silence of the night, when you are not so distracted by your busy life - and your busy head - you will listen to me.  Sorry I had to be so abrupt but sometimes I see no other choice. 

What are you doing with your life? Why are you settling for survival? Why are you still just dragging your feet, ignoring me, when you well know you came to this world to wake up? What else do I have to do for you to remember who you are? No matter how many signs, how many dreams, how many obvious signposts I place, you keep choosing to shut them down and keep walking in the conformity of normality, just because you don´t believe you will find me. 

Let me tell you, I am everywhere, but you keep choosing to focus on the surfaces, on the visuals that cleverly hide the true reality of life. Remember the other day you decided that you were done with the misery, you were done with the comfortable and you were going to go for the truth whatever it took? And then you went to bed and the next morning you decided to snooze your heart´s alarm and went back to your misery because it was muffin day at the office. 

I am and have been waiting for you for lifetimes. For you to look at me, to embrace me, to make me yours. It´s been a long wait and if you only knew the joys the await. Beyond your wildest dreams. The joy of the pure of heart belongs to you, the peace of the eternal bliss is your birthright, the magic of surrounding yourself with people that live rooted in truth and do not compromise their hearts for nothing. The absolute ability to rest in the eternal moment forever and experiencing life as the mysterious miracle unfolding every single second. 

I will tell you this as many times as necessary. I will disguise as tragedy sometimes just to shake you to your core and you can then remember me. I will disguise as songs, as messages, as hints, as a storm in the middle of the night. I will go to any lengths necessary for you to remember me. No matter what it takes, no matter how many lifetimes it takes. 

I am in you. I was born with you. You don´t have to go far to find me. You need to stop trying and look within. I am you. 

So please don't go back to sleep about this conversation we just had. I can tell by your eyes full of excitement and your heart racing rapidly that you do know who I am. Do not worry about how you will find me or how will your life will unfold once you start actively looking for me. It will become obvious once you decide to go after me. 

I love you,