Remember the rebel.


I have the opportunity to meet a lot of people. From all backgrounds, cultures and ages. In all my coming and goings, even though I consider myself quite clumsy in social situations, I meet and connect with many people. And somehow, for a strange cosmic reason, I usually find people with an inner rebel, with passion to live a different life, a life that matters. Yet, over the years, whenever a revisit a place, I bump into the same people, and some have the rebel faded. It´s there, I can see it, but it´s hiding beneath a sense of defeat. Life and the expectations of society ate them up, and they gave up. They no longer search for that purpose, that unique spark that would make them fly. And it annoys the crap out of me. Because, I just love alive humans.

Remember when you thought you could do anything? Remember when you knew you came to do something special? Something grand? Remember when you closed your eyes to all the cant´s, the shouldnt´s, the mustnt´s and you kept walking, with eyes wide open, searching for your call? Do you remember when you knew life was on your side? Remember when we talked for hours about magic, about mystery, about the life we could have?

Sometimes the call doesn´t come when we thought it should. I understand sometimes it seems like you were forgotten and maybe, you weren´t so special after all. But you are. You did come to do something that only you can achieve. But you must maintain those eyes open so you can see, you must keep the light on so your purpose can find you. You are in training, you are obtaining the tools you will need for when the moment comes. And you better be ready, because without you, the vision is incomplete.

Do not settle for something less than you know in your heart you can experience. Life is a wonderful adventure and it´s full of people that gave up and settled for something less than amazing. Don´t be that person. Not you. Look inside and recognise yourself again. You have what it takes to be a super human, a super hero, a super you. Shake that dust and let your eager heart shine and guide you to the life of your dreams, the life of everyone else´s dream.

Without you, we can´t rock this world. Remember. For you, for me, for the rest. Just remember the rebel in you, the rocket in you.







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