Nothing else 

There is nothing else to search than what lies beneath this moment. At its core, what holds everything together is an invisible force from where all movement arises and all movement returns to.

If you pay attention really close, if you listen with your heart, and place your awareness in what never moves, you can experience this world humming, singing praise for all existence, right here. 

You don't have to go anywhere to discover the wonders of the universe, for they rest here and here only.

Everything else, is just a party. Everything else is just the application of your perception in this human form.

We are all so cute trying to modify what is not even real. What you see is not there, it has never been, nor it will be.  The truest form of experience is silence void of movement, of flavor, yet it's the most loving, peaceful and eternal foundation you will ever discover. 

Burst the bubble. Wake up. 

And smile.