Expect the Unexpected


For some of us it seems there has been lots of unexpected changes lately. 

Either life seems to be taking different turns or dead ends suddenly appeared where a road seemed to be open. Change, surprises and an element of "huh?" bug

The invitation is to flow with life and allow whatever needs to be removed to leave, whatever needs to arrive to come and to keep an open mind and spirit so our old patterns wash out, our buried emotions leave our bodies and a new, fresh, more present outlook on life can be part of our new perspective.

Yes, our control issues are tested!!! A lot of us do not enjoy the unexpected and tend to hold on tightly to what we think should be. But holding on is painful, and ultimately, it is useless. Life has a life of its own (excuse the redundancy) and there is no use in resisting it.

on the road

Remember though, everything that happens is solely for you to experience your highest desire, thus the ignorance that keep us from recognizing we are already that, needs to be removed. And if by any chance there is an area in which you are compromising your highest Truth, the more committed you are, the quicker it will be revealed so you can choose for something greater. The magic is that you do not have to do anything nor remove anything yourself. It will just happen naturally, if you are wide open.

Sure, it can be uncomfortable sometimes - some other times it can extremely uncomfortable - but once we decide to let go, flow, and expect the unexpected, you'll soon discover that life is only leading you to greater adventures and to be your full potential. 

And if you happen to be one of those people whose life seems untouched, the greatest thing we can do is hold the space and be of service. Exciting life this is!

To me, the unexpected brought me here:


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