My magic moon

I am watching the eclipse. Half watching it, since clouds come and go.

How amazing it is that we are watching the same thing than our ancestors? that we can watch an object that is hanging in the universe, so close to us, always watching over us, always protecting us, always, silently loving us.

I believe in magic. So much. I see it everyday. I am magic. And the moon, well, I am certainly not the first person to associate it with magic, am I?

What a special and perfect opportunity to embrace all the magic within. To remember that we are not an island in the world, trying to survive, but are the totality of existence experiencing life through our eyes,

Everything affects us and the same thing nothing can ever touch us, since we are nothing but full presence, playing to be shapes, colors and feelings.

May this red moon, bring you closer to your true path, to the burning desire to wake up, to accomplish your mission in every passing moment, to be the fullness of the cosmos right now. May the eclipse propel you to embrace every hidden aspect of yourself, every fear, every part of you that you attempt to hide. Embrace it all, love yourself so fully that nothing can ever disturb your peace.

I wish that every single human on Earth remembers how to play, and play big.

I wish for everyone to be so blissful that hatred becomes a foreign word. That the Earth flourishes again in what it's meant to be: paradise.

We don't wake up until everyone wakes up. Live every moment with all the passion you have and that will always bring you closer to your essence. Allow the masks to fall, allow the destruction of ignorance to dissolve the belief that you are separate from the rest. Be bold and the universe will show you the Truth.

May our greatness shine through. Whatever it takes.

My magic moon is yours.