Don't look back

Some days, the mind seems to have an extraordinary ability to pull us back to the past. It my seem - and feel extremely real- that we are forced upon its luring hands and we cannot avoid succumbing ..... ..... And

..... We

...... Look

.............: back.

Yet, it is always us who choose to move our attention into what's actually dead now.

The never ending curiosity, and the habitual roads of following the same trains of thought, take us to see what would happen if only for a moment we give space for  the past to jump into our present.

There is no such thing.  The past cannot spoil our present since once we are looking back, we are no longer here.

Peace and present are two jealous lovers. One must always, decidedly, fiercely and fearlessly must remain in the now. And only the unwavering commitment to choose for peace above any other experience will create a continuum of eternal bliss.

Not only when it's comfortable or when the mind seems to be our friend. Not only when the story in our heads tells us that we are so still and peaceful, and that everything will be ok.

But always. Always. Always.

It might seem hard at times. It might seem that the past pulls us every ten seconds. Yet, a true heart committed to its greatest desire, will keep choosing to come back to the now, until one realizes, there wasn't even a struggle to begin with.

Night night.