What a difference a day a makes...


24 little hours. Tiny windows of life called days. For some, those windows are like dormant lions, waiting to be woken up and satisfied during the weekend. Window after window is exactly the same, as if they were part of some mass production company called Every Rotation Around the Earth's Axis is Exactly the Same. So not true. There is no such thing as the same day as yesterday. Everything is different. The cells in your body, your state of mind, the position of the stars, even your neighbour´s dirty backyard is different. No, not because he cleaned it up, but because maybe a pigeon shat on it, or the wind blew one tiny leave while you were sleeping. Every morning, everything is different.

What´s not different is our cynical vision of the world. And that needs, urges, to change.

I´ve been watching Mad Men for the second (third?) time in my life. Please do not spoil the ending since I haven´t seen the last four episodes. It marvels me how people back then were mesmerised upon such things like astronauts landing on the moon. How it was a national date and  people´s brains would get goose bumps for the simple thought of  watching a rocket fly, literally, to the moon. Apparently the same happened with the dark news, like JFK or Dr. Martin Luther King murdered. A true shock. True feeling of discombobulation at such atrocities in life.

Enter 2015. We are attacked by hundreds and hundreds of news everyday. And we get to personalize and segment which parts of the world we want to know about through our facebook fan pages, our choice of webpages we follow, our friends on Instagram and our quick-reading habits on Twitter.

Turns out sometimes there are news, fantastic news that we as a whole don´t seem to give a shit about. Like it´s so common for humans to have a front row look at Pluto, like it´s so common for science to be finding new cures everyday, to be building organs out of nothing. Dude! This is so sci-fi!! Yet, it becomes viral that a Mexican singer accidentally dropped her period pad during a performance in TV. It appears as if we don´t give a tiny rats ass about anything. Except of course, if the hurricane is coming our way.

Our eyes are so full of knowitall dust that we don´t stop to absorb the day with new eyes. It´s not that us humans from the 21 century are more advanced or more skilful. It´s not that we all know now how rockets work and we all take an afternoon stroll to space every Saturday afternoon. It´s weird. It´s like we don´t care unless its something that affects the center of the Universe: you. I guess if one of your family members needed an organ, you would be astonished at all the advances science is making for us.

We are so automatically accustomed to talk about how bad the government works, how terrible the pharmaceuticals are, how awful is the food we eat while eating a Big Mac, how soccer is affecting our .... our... see? I still don´t know how to complete that phrase but it sure seems really important to everyone! We sit down and talk about why El Chapo escaped from prison, with absolutely no sense of surprise, nothing entering our systems, sharing our postures.

Yet they day.seems.the.same.

Every day is so different and we carry the same daltonism everywhere. Imagine one day you wake up and you see one million colours more, and you look around, not understanding why the rest aren´t absolutely breath-taken with this wonderful world. Imagine that cynicism was shaken from our heads so we can watch the world with new, big, round, opened eyes. Imagine we would sit down at our lunch breaks, our dinner-with-friends, our family reunions and we would share and discuss all good, exciting, news. We all have preferences. I am aware that we couldn´t possibly be on the top of all exciting things in this world. It is the 21st century after all. So many things happen everyday!! That why I love learning from my friends and what they are interested in and exchanging dialogue of awe.

Be in awe. Make an awe club. Sit down and share only things that blow your mind. Find out new refreshing things everyday. The world is there, humans are there, creating everyday amazing, out of this world things. It´s up to you to view this world as magnificent as it is. Color blindness is not the absence of shades and tones, is the absence of seeing how vibrant humanity can be.

What a difference... a day makes........ and the difference is you.