Work? Or ice cream?


According to scientific studies, when you love your job, your body produces chemicals similar to a 3 year old eating ice cream for the first time.

Ok, ok. I lied. I have not read such a study. But it sure sounds like something I would be interested in reading! It sure sounds exactly how I feel when I am working with no fluff in my head. When I am just doing, talking, messaging, creating, organising, connecting with people. Whenever I am absolutely present and not face my job with concepts, judgements, past and future, if´s, but´s, and´s, I am certainly not concerned in figuring out who is doing what wrong and why or how could "I" be more important in this organisation.  It´s so freaking liberating to simply, work.

Whatever it is you do. Just do it. With a high spirit. Are meeting sometimes boring? Yes. Are meeting sometimes chaotic? Yes. Do I wish sometimes to kick some people in the butt so they start doing their jobs? Yes. Does someone wants to kick my butt sometimes? Yes. Do things come out on their own way and not as planned? Yes. Do we make mistakes? Yes. Do we repeat the same mistakes? Often.  None of that has anything to do with you as a person. NONE.

I wonder what would happen if we all went to work with no ego. No personality. Taking nothing that happens there personal. Maybe there would be less drama and more effectiveness. Sure, it is not easy to have 10, 20, 200, 2000 people agree on something. But is this not the clon planet. You missed that boat. This is the human planet and if we have so much diversity in plants and animals, why do we keep expecting to have identical humans?

For today.. please.. enjoy your job and do your peers a favour so they can also enjoy themselves. If you do not know how to achieve this, please learn to meditate.

Now, I´ll get back to work. All this excitement totally sidetracked me from what I was doing!