What do you expect?

I guess inactivity is as necessary as activity in the motion of growth. Yes, yes, I skipped writing for three days. Something good better come out today.

Today it has all been about expectations. I had some phone calls where I was helping out a friend to let go of her expectations. I am a monk, dedicated to experience peace beyond understanding, and whenever possible, helping out others do the same.

It is no surprise that today some of my expectations popped out, so I could see where I too, was holding ideas of how things should be in a future that do not exist.

Expectations are also enthusiasm and awe killers. You want to kill the sparkle of your day? Fill it up with expectations about everything: How the traffic should be today, how your boss should behave, how your job should run, how your partner should be, how your kids need to accomplish. Just stuff it with expectations until it is so full it cannot move.

Guess what? Ahead of you will lay a day of frustration, anger, sadness, victimhood, or whatever your choice of down-spiraling emotion of the day. Why? Because we so seldom in control of our environment and the people that interact with it, that our expectations will only limit your capacity to thrive in the situations you encounter.

It doesn´t matter if our expectations are the worst of the most romantic ones. The principle applies. It´s like cooking a marbled cake and expecting the blend to come out exactly as you picture it in your head. Oh no!! There is more brown than white! Damn it!

I am not saying to be a pessimist that expects the worst. I am not saying either that it is wrong to aim high, or to want things to go the best they can. Having a good attitude towards everything is immensely beneficial.

What I am saying is that life is doing a great job synchronizing a tapestry of millions of humans, all with hopes, dreams, jobs, families, desires, emotions. Can you imagine? Life is not only handling your life, is handling all these lives! And in the midst of it you run into someone you were just thinking about, and you complain because you weren´t wearing an appropriate attire. You just missed the magic of the moment you see?

Yes. That´s what we do. Until we don´t. The road to peace is constantly letting of expectations and fully engaging in this moment exactly as it is. I can assure you, when you do this, your interactions with anything, or anyone will always blow your mind away.