The race to waking up

I hate running. I do. I don't care if it's trendy, if everyone does it or if my friends experience out of this world magical trips while they run. But, since I am committed to exercise and yesterday I skipped my HIIT session to pamper my boyfriend's headache while watching HIMYM, I had no option but to go running. Hey, I live half a block from one of the longest malecons or boardwalks in the world, so I might as well use it.

There I go, with an app for running that alternates walking and running, listening to a random Spotify playlist, and I managed to do half of the program.

A program designed for people that do not run, do not exercise, and I managed to do half. At some point I decided I couldn't do it anymore. And I stopped, I laid in front of the ocean with my face completely red and I gave up.

Seriously? Seriously.

Today I tried again. But I changed my approach.

First, I meditated for one hour.

Then, I decided I was going to treat the man in my headphones as if it were my Teacher. I was going to surrender to him. If he said walk, I was going to walk. If he said run, I was going to run. And i did. I nailed it. I completed it. And it was way easier than yesterday. And my head had no jurisdiction on deciding the course of my running.

Same as with the path of waking up. To me it is an impossibility to wake up while listening to the commands of the mind. That is why I have a Teacher. And I vowed to surrender to him. That means I do not get to think my way to Enlightenment, (as if one could!) nor decide what serves my path and what doesn't. I listen to him and I do. I trust him that much.

Kids, and when the mind is not involved, the road is smooth, the path becomes easy, enjoyable, and there is no questioning on how conscious or unconscious I am. Life becomes one living, breathing thing.

Let's live our lives completely giving in to the moment. There is no time for limitations. Seriously there isn't.