One small step

I realize how easy it is not to write. I was about to write another blah post, saying... dude, see you tomorrow, i am tired. I actually have a lot to share but I am burnt. My brain is fried. I guess something I could start applying is not to wait until the day is over, until I did everything I had to do, until I am almost drooling in my bed, to actually write.

No, it needs protagonism in my life. It needs a fresh brain, an active body, and committed inspiration.

Yesterday me and my boyfriend were having this conversation about how often some of us talk about where we want to go, but actually do not do one single thing in order to achieve that. We pretend that magically one day we will wake up being that person or having that career that we always wished for, without actually walking the walk. We do not take a small step daily to come closer to the lives we want to lead.

Is funny how we do that right? I know I do. Or I did.

We want peace yet we constantly choose for stress. We want joy yet we constantly take ourselves seriously. We want to experience absolute stillness but we choose for the noisy mind. We want love yet we keep choosing for ego reactions, judgements and non-acceptance. It paints a picture huh?

Luckily, everyday we have the choice to be a bit closer -or much closer, why limits ourselves?- to who we want to become or where we want to be. Everyday you can wake up committing to that purpose in your life, and dedicate every moment of it to actually living that.

A wish you all that tomorrow your life is closer to your dreams. Life is short.