Candy Thoughts


Let´s face it. A lot of us are addicted to Candy Crush. Personally I discovered it like two months ago, while I was with my mom at the hospital and had a lot of time to kill.  And there was something so fascinating about all those colors and shapes dancing around in perfection, and the blissful sensation of accomplishing one world, then another, then another. How many are there, anybody knows? Have you noticed that if you play for a while, when you close your eyes the images of the candies dance around in your brain? Sweet. Tasty. Delicious. Sugar crush. The impact of what you absorb visually and kinestesically starts  re-playing in your brain. It is not that your actually playing, it is that you brain is re-playing your past experience.  The same thing happens with life.

We absorb images, feelings, thoughts. We re-play some, consciously, more than others. At some point, we don´t need to force our brain to play these thoughts over an over again. And even if you are busy, even if you are walking, even if you are taking to a friend, the thoughts will re-play in your head over and over again, with no conscious effort from you.

Sometimes they are nice thoughts. Sometimes they are cute little jewel-like candies in your head telling you how beautiful life is. But other times, these thoughts become the nasty chocolate that starts growing, darkening your bright world with a monochromatic screen, and all your effort goes to trying to destroy these thoughts. The more you destroy, the more they seem to grow. And if you distract yourself for a little while, you soon discover that all your head is full of nasty-chocolatelike thoughts. And what it seemed to be a field of candy and color, the same screen, the same event, at some point has become a dark gloomy chocolate life.

Have you ever noticed, that our thought process works something like this?

If today you are happy, you look back and all you can remember is happiness. All the good things in your work, in  your relationship, or in the city you live in. But tomorrow something happens, something that our mind labeled as "bad", and when you look back, the same part of your life that yesterday was heaven, today, it has been nothing less than hell. Our minds will justify any position it wants to believe. Any. Make no mistake about it, because this is what the mind does. And needless to say, none of those perceptions, are true.

What is wrong with believing your mind? Nothing, really. Except that you are being directed by a bipolar monkey so smart, that can convince you of anything it wants. Today we have been so happy. Tomorrow, we have been so sad. And there we go, obeying the stories of our mind.

And you know what? Even if the Truth stands in front of us, we won´t see it. For this monkey has it´s furry hands on both our eyes, not allowing us to see anything other than it wants us to see. You see?

If this were the end of the story, it would be such a miserable ending, as if candy crush didn´t have boosters and extra lives. But there is a way out of it. The deal is, transcend the mind. Use everything in  your power to transcend the mind. You don´t have to destroy all the candy, you simple have to go beyond and let the game play itself, knowing that, it is just a game. Or do you go to work thinking that candy crush is the reality of life? I don´t think so. Well, don´t go to work thinking that the stories in your head are the reality of life either, because they are not. Your past and future change depending on what thoughts you are more used to hold on to. Red, anger. Yellow, fear. Blue, unworthiness. Green, I am better than anyone. Orange, I am not good enough. We all have our favorite candy, we all have our favorite thoughts. Not by choice, but by habit.

And what is beyond candy crush and beyond thoughts? An infinite being playing a game. The game of life. And it is only by letting go of the addiction to thinking that we get to experience reality as it is right now. And right now there is nothing lacking. There is only perfection and love. Pure love. Nothing more than gratefulness for being alive. And past and future reveal their perfection when we see with the eyes of the heart.

Only then, we get to play for joy of it.

And we get infinite lives to play with.

And we will see that our friends are there to help us transcend the worlds of experience.