Comfort Zone: Part 2

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. " Anaïs Nin And what is outside the comfort zone? Love. Freedom. Magic.

When we are stuck in a situation or an emotion, sometimes we believe that  pain comes from what it's being offered to us to transcend, from the situation itself. Yet, whenever we do take a leap, whenever we do take responsibility for our own selves and realize we can always let go more, we might find out that the pain came from the resistance of not wanting to transcend, to get out of the c zone.

We tend to believe that the fear and uncomfortabilty  comes from the situation threatening our life patterns, when in reality , most of the time, that energy is passion, it is our soul pushing for us to let go, to jump into a different reality. Our inner wisdom knows, that what no longer serves us needs to be shown, so we can become more free and fulfilled, so we can experience a deeper version of love.

Recently I have been facing a different comfort zone.

So tricky I couldn't even see it. Impatience. Wanting things to be done and revealed whenever I think it's the best time. Wanting people to walk at my pace and to figure out things quickly. Hey, I am all for breaking the c-zone, what is wrong with you?? Quickly, jump, leap, now!

Then, two situations in my life are asking me to do the opposite. To wait. To be patient. To be OK with things being fucked up. And I realized that I was actually comfortably resting in my c-zone by being impatient and quick.

I know I will always jump whenever something is presented to me. My eagerness for evolution and freedom will never allow me to give up and say "no more, this is a far as I go". And every time I have done it, the world becomes more joyful and easy. No matter how scary it can feel, if life is screaming at you, I know the faster I let go the quicker I get to experience a different sense of peace.

And it is no different this time. I can't really say I am on the other side of patience yet, but the more I am OK with what is going on, and the more I give the outcome back to God, the easier it seems.

Not always its time to run, and not everyone will run at my pace all the time. That doesn't mean they are slow or wrong, that doesn't mean we won't walk together, it only means that we are all exploring our different paths, stopping at different sites, and that the Universe pace is never ever wrong.

The seeds I´ve been planting lately show it to me. Some of them blossom quicker than others, but nevertheless, they all break the bud, and grow. And with tenderness and water, easier and smoother!

Well that is what I am experiencing at the moment. What about you? What comfort zone is obvious that you gotta let got of? What have you been smashing your face at over and over again? Are you being a victim to life, or are you seeing it as the biggest opportunity to expand? Are you being brave or are you chickening out resisting to let go of the patterns that clearly are keeping you in separation ?

We are always expanding, always. The universe is always expanding. We have no control of that. We can only choose how easy or hard we make it for us and for the ones around us.

Remember...on the other side, there is only love. Evolution is for brave souls. I know you are!