Human Spirit


"History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce." Marx Today I watched Argo. I know, I know, so behind in the movie scene. I will do my best to not spoil the movie for you, in case you haven´t seen it. But I am so inspired. Inspired by human spirit, by the perfection that happens when people play their part and by the mind-blowing stories that can happen when someone chooses the whisper (or sometimes the loud "yell") of their heartbeat and sets aside the voice of logic and "roles". A-mazed.

I will not try to relate to this story. It´s impossible for me. I have never been held hostage (except probably by my brother in my mom´s closet when we were like 8), I am not a CIA agent, and nevertheless I am not from the 70´s. But there is something in any story about humans behaving as real humans, about giving everything, about being a real  life hero, that touches the deepest fibers of my heart. Those ancient, DNA encrypted fibers that remind me, that we are that and much more.

The capabilities we have as a human being are immense.

And what marvels me, is that when someone, some random human that feels a spark of life within and follows it no matter what, then the whole universe encompasses you to achieve that goal. They don´t have to be the CIA or president Carter, because they might not even know you. In fact, they might not even know that they are playing a part in your mission. But they do. Inexplicably, everything happens in perfection; not one second before, not one second after, in order for a human being´s burning desire to be fulfilled. Every time.

"Well, I am not a CIA agent, and I don´t care to rescue hostages ever," you might say. Who cares? You don´t need to in order to experience the all-compassing, ever pervading support of the Universe. Whereas it is a chocolate ice cream topped with pecans, or infinite peace, once you desired it. Once you desire as strongly as you wanted to go out on Friday night when you were 15, support will come. Obstacles? Sure, but the non-hesitation aspect of your unbreakable spirit can overcome that too.  Doubt? Of course, but once you come back to the present (or in case you Ascend, you introduce an Ascension Attitude), you´ll get a grip and rest back in your heart, where your burning desire will fire itself up again and you´ll keep going.

Yes, human spirit is wondrous. So unless you are a robot reading this blog, you have that in you. You and yourself alone have the power to impact humanity (not a little bit, but all of it). You are equipped from original manufacture to be a real life hero (unless of course you don´t have a heart which in that case you are more likely to be the tin-man). Your head might be a lazy couch potato or throw you one hundred excuses, but your heart knows. It really does man.

Listen to your heart and commit one hundred percent to that which fires you up. You will not be let down by the force of magic.

Don´t believe me? Try it.