End of the World?


In 2004 I was sitting in front of my computer, having one of those moments of creative leisure time and started searching the web for info on Enlightment. Somehow, I found a webpage with all sorts of new age information; archangel channelings, eco-villages, energy pyramids and multidimensional geometry.  Having a mind hungry for new information, I devoured all the page in one night. Among all the information, I read that 2012 was going to be the end of the world....as we know it. A shift to a new dimension, to a new era, the era of love. All human beings would live in eco-villages and small communities bases on bartering; money would not exist anymore, and December 21 would mark the beginning of this new Earth, giving all of us one clear signal of expansion. Only those who were enlightened, only those who cleaned themselves from density, before this date, would be able to see this new Earth. The rest, would leave the planet in the series of natural disasters that would destroy part of the Earth as well. A total cleanse.

I have to confess that I swallowed this story. So much, that I dropped my Hollywood dream of the rich and famous (why be famous when money wouldn´t exist anymore and California was disappearing?), and I started searching for Enlightenment, before the density wave grabbed me.

The search got more profound for a survival sense than for anything else. I do not doubt of the perfection of my path, since it has brought me to this yummy instant in which I can enjoy the present moment, and consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. But throughout the years, I realized that all that information, more than take me to enlightenment, it was pulling me away more and more from the present moment. Why? Because it was only information; more and more information; more grooves. Enlightened information, but still information.

Today is December 2012 and the Earth is very similar to 2004 (Facebook and Twitter didn´t exist then, but everything else). I don´t see a lot of eco-villages and luckily the planet is still here. I still have to pay for my coffee and I can´t exchange it for a necklace. The image that I had built in my head about this year is far away from reality. Thankfully.

As an Ishaya, a lot people ask me if the world is going to end or if on December 21 a magic wave of enlightened dust would drop over us, and suddenly all human beings will remember their divine right and start building a world based on love. My answer to both questions is, no.

On one side, I have a bunch of retreats in 2013! On the other hand ¿why wait for a certain date or external force to change the perspective of our world when it can be experienced right now? The "new dimension" is nothing else but to live in the fullness of the present moment, and we all have the choice to do that right now. It is true,  more and more people are wishing to live their heart´s desire and this world is experiencing an evolution like nowhere else in time: the desire to live from love. But no date will make that difference. You make that difference. Just now.

The planetary change is brought by a fired up heart, like yours.