Out of the Way

"The only thing worse than not getting what you want is getting what you want." Oscar Wilde "Mmmh...wait, what?  How can this be possible? Have you gone mad? Aren´t we superhumans that can create whatever we want? Haven´t I read all these books on how to create reality and manifest my desires? How to create what I want? Now you are telling me that it´s not like that?" 

Well, my dear, as always there is another perspective from which we can see our life.

I want things. I want dreams. I want situations. I want this person. I want my life to look a certain way. Me, me, me and what my head wants. Now, in the game of consciousness, this might not necessarily be the best possible life you can have. A lot of the things that ME wants, come from the habits and patterns of the mind, come from our limited self, come from the belief that ¨this certain type of life is the right one for me". From what we learned, what we assumed, what we were taught by our surroundings. When you were a kid you dreamed of being an archaeologist, and you ended up working with paper in an office because at some point, you thought that´s what you wanted (or were supposed to want).

However, there is one magical action called getting out of the way. Once you get out of the way, then life brings you what you need in order to experience permanent peace and freedom, and even better, life places you were you need to be in order to serve at its highest potential the rest of humanity and complete your purpose in this lifetime. We are indeed here to help each other remember our divine nature.

An amazing monk that I have the luck to know and love, called Narain (who´s book, Chit Happens is recently out and I must say it promises to be awe inspiring), once told me: "If I have actually I had the life I wanted for myself, I would´ve made a joke of another lifetime. Luckily, God (the Universe, the Force, the Magic behind the Scenes) had other plans for me."  I couldn´t understand it first. -Is he crazy? What do you mean by that? We are here to co-create our wonderful empire of life.- But eventually the coin clicked.

The possibilities for your life that you can envision are limited to the constructs of your mind. While growing up, we start creating a subconscious collage of our "dream life" or, in cases less fortunate, of "what life must be and that´s it." We assume that this, and this and that will make me happy, or in the second case, we assume that life is a certain way and we have no way out of it.  In my case, I thought that a Hollywood celebrity lifestyle with lots of beautiful boys around me was the best way to live. I don´t doubt that I could have that. Yet, I am so freaking glad I don´t.

When you get out of the way, when you give away your wish for happiness and true peace to the force of all that is good and stop trying to control your life (which let me tell you, you can´t) the Universe will deliver. But it might not look at all as you think it would. The Universe knows endless possibilities. ENDLESS. And it´s only purpose for existing is for you to experience your divine nature.  And once you do, its purpose is to aid you in helping others reach the same goal. The more and more you get out of the way, the more you will discover that everything that comes to you, even though it might look like something that you don´t want, it is exactly what brings you closer to permanent peace and freedom.

Have you ever had the experience that something in your life  went wildly wrong? A job you wanted didn´t happen, a relationship you were fond of fell apart; that party you were trying to get to, you never did? And days, or months after, once you stopped struggling and simply let go and allowed whatever was meant to happen, happen, you realized something better was around the corner, something even greater was meant for you, and you thought: "Pheww, I am glad that other thing didn´t happen, this is even better!"? Have you?

Well, imagine living in that constant attitude of allowing, of knowing that everything that is happening, regardless of what you think you want, is happening for your greater happiness and enjoyment. Imagine that no matter what your head tells you, you are able to let go and allow life to unfold itself in perfection. It´s possible, it´s doable, and it´s the best thing you can do for you and the rest of humanity. If you have a great technique like Ascension, you know it´s as easy as choosing over your ME thoughts. If you don´t have a technique, maybe it´s time for you to find one and help yourself be free from the limiting thoughts in your head.

I am in no way saying that wishes and dreams are not meant to be followed. But, the true dreams do not come from your mind.

For what you want is in your heart, not in your head. What you truly are meant to do in this life, is stored in your deepest breath, in your chest, and the head is far away from it. The more and more you let go of the design of life that your mind created, the more and more your heart will shine and you´ll be in contact with your true wish. Happiness, peace and freedom awaits there.

All my love and wishing you to not get what you want.