Super Heros... US


Today I went to the movies to watch "The Avengers". Don´t worry, there won´t be any spoilers on this note.  I left the movie, excited and uplifted, waving my arms and pretending to be holding Thor´s hammer in my imaginary world. My friend Lakshmi, was the same, yet her heroe movements were a bit more like the Hulk´s angry stomps and growls. Every time I watch a superhero film I feel the same way. And I wondered, does this happen to everyone? Does everyone leaves feeling like a superhero, allowing themselves to let out the fire inside? Why is it that an apparently "fictional" figure creates such spinning in our hearts? Personally, I believe that the hero is inside of us. Each and one of us have a heroe inside. A powerful, magical being inside of us, wanting to be extraordinary and save humanity.

And there is a small step from pretending to be a superhero to actually recognizing that we are those superheroes. We are those people which the world is waiting for in order to be saved. You don´t have to have Tony Stark´s intellect (or money) to develop a super advanced Iron Man suit, nor you need to be affected by weird chemistry to become Captain America. We all have powers. Wonderful, amazing powers.

Yet, our kryptonite is our own mind. Our own belief that we are ordinary. A set of hundreds of parameters stuck in our everyday thoughts that have led us tu believe that we not only aren´t superbeings, but that we are doomed to chaos in this world. Once we overcome our minds, once we let go of the idea that being SUPER and knowing yourself as super is arrogant, we start to recognize our greatness, to know our magic, to use our powers for the good of others. That´s who we are. Naturally great, naturally selfless, and magically constructed to go beyond time and space, if not in our bodies, in our exploration of consciousness.

So, be honest for a moment here. What are your superpowers? If some of your qualities, taken to its max, were called "powers", what would it be?  Are you one with the ability to calm people down and make them feel at peace? Do you have an invisible magic wand that manifests desires instantly? Can you read minds? Are you able to recognize truth in any situation with your heart´s radar? Are you able to see how things work and fix them? Do you create joy in any room you are in? Are you able to bring people´s barriers down and have them experience love?  "Nah, those aren´t superpowers." Think again. Isn´t it an absolute power to be able to make people laugh and take themselves lightly? I am pretty sure it is. As I am pretty sure that every single person on this planet comes with powers, amazing powers, and once unleashed, this powers will work for the good of all beings.

So recognize your powers and let them out! Remember this is a magical Earth we are walking on, and walk today with the recognition that you are that superhero people have been waiting for. Now, don´t get yourself in front of a bus, or try to fly from the top a building, please.  Know you are hero, and use your powers for the good of humanity.

And the best power? Yes, Love.

My love to you all,