peace or Peace?

We all want peace. To be at peace with ourselves and with everything around us. The more this world increases its craziness and apparent rapid chaos, the more I notice a general growing desire in every human being for peace. The more the contrast is experienced on the outside, the more humans are searching inwardly for a secure place to rest, and from there, be OK with everything that happens. Imagine being always at peace. Regardless of whatever is happening in your life, in your head or in your body, you are at peace. You are OK, you are present. You don´t dwell on the past anymore, or live in an imaginary future. You stay right here, right now, and you are at peace. Sounds good? It does, doesn´t it? That would certainly be a good life.

Even though, achieving that lifestyle is certainly better than most people´s lives, there is a different phenomena, a greater life that can not only be achieved, but that is actually your natural state. This is called, Peace.

Yes, Peace with a capital letter. Peace the goes beyond words and beyond any intellectual understanding. Peace that is interlaced within the moments that occur in your life.

The task doesn´t stop at being OK and attentive here and now. But it actually starts with the discovery of a Divine Presence that exists in that now, in the present moment. You can become always aware and attentive of a silent space, a real true Peace, that has no words to be described and brings you a sense of lightness of being and sacredness that is every growing and ever expanding. A Peace that is not only felt on the inside, but it permeates in the whole movie of your life. It expands beyond the horizon and goes further than your attention can go.  Peace that not only makes you be OK with everything that goes on in your life, but that you actually experience that there is absolute Perfection in yours and everyone else´s life.

True Peace is undeniable. There is no doubt within your heart when you are swimming in this experience. It is obvious, its apparent, it makes your eyes shine and your heart smile. Real Peace is like being plugged into the lungs of the Divine. and breathe Life in and out.  It is not being fine and accepting things as they are always, but  experiencing life as new every moment, and living life as this fresh breeze of awesomeness that doesn´t wear out with time and age, but that it keeps growing and growing.

So, as I see it, peace is good, peace is fine and you can certainly have a good life from that place. But, if you stop there, what if you are missing out? What if what I´m saying is true? What if, there is so much more?

Peace is absolutely fantastic. Peace brings your experience of life to a completely different game. The game of becoming a true human being. Alive, present and vibrant. And that is our nature. Our true nature. Finding Peace is worth a thousand life times, and I wouldn´t recommend stopping until this is an actual living experience.

And the only thing standing between you and Peace it´s the sole belief that we don´t deserve it, that it is not possible,  and the unwillingness to let go of what´s OK, (due to a subtle fear disguised as two thousand excuses), in order to experience what is Great.

Want Peace?

LifeCristina García