Christmas Special


"Plant the seeds. Love the tree. Let it grow. If it doesn´t give fruit, maybe it´s designed to provide shadow. But if the tree keeps trying to provide the fruit, it might never realize he is on this Earth to do something else."  My dad It´s Christmas time. We are all very aware of that. It´s on the streets, on the lights, on the Christmas Carols in every single shopping mall we set our foot in. We see it on the long lines of traffic and the racks at the stores being emptied out. Christmas is definitely here.

I used to hate it. It made me so miserable to see all these people spending money and I felt that everyone suddenly was covered in love towards everyone while the rest of the year indifference reigned in societies. Yes, well, I used to be against the whole wide world!

Yet, now I experience this Holiday as something completely different. The joy that dips my everyday has a gingerbread smell, while I enjoy with tears in my eyes, the affection that surrounds the city on this time of year. And while maybe it is true that some people, the rest of the year completely forget their human-ness and the red organ that lies on the chest,  at least Xmas makes their hearts pump for once, and the window of opportunity rises up, every year, so we can recognize our true selves, our loving selves, and find the right approach to live the rest of the year: giving, selfless, loving, joyfully, forgiving.

And then I look at my wonderful, pretty Christmas tree. My first own Christmas tree that three weeks ago, my boyfriend arrived carrying on top of his tiny (but fierce, it´s red) car. And I wondered: What if that amazing pine tree was so focused on producing fruit, that it never fulfilled its destiny to beautify and bring so much joy to this home? What if the other trees kept telling all the pine trees that they were wrong, that they were unworthy, that they were useless, only because they didn´t grow apples? (or oranges or whatever fruit you like). Man, it would be a Christmas disaster!

This happens to a lot of us all year long. We try, we put so much energy in trying to be something different from what we are born to do. Sometimes, the blessing of nature is that it is pure consciousness without this whole overrated "thinking ability" that we are so proud of.

So we think. We think, we analyze, and make an absolute of what we are supposed to become, instead of allowing our branches to grow, our system to perform by itself, until we become the unique person that we are here to be.

A tree might not grow a fruit, but sometimes it sheds the most restful shadow. But if the tree kept trying and trying and focusing all its energy in growing something out of him that he is just simply not meant to do, it will miss the opportunity to grow big and healthy and do its job. Get the point? Once we align to what we are here to do, once we simply let go and let ourselves be, we will not only discover our true job on this Earth, but we will also then blossom, in such a natural way, that you will one day wonder how ever did you function before?

So Christmas always gives us an opportunity to open the vessel that starts guiding us to our heart´s true destiny. Love is the beginning, the ways, and the end to do your jobs. And so many hearts synchronized on Christmas create a perfect environment to listen to our hearts. To let it, for once, guide us. To stop trying to be someone we are not, and let the dead leaves fall from our arms so our true colors are revealed.

Each one of us is unique. Each one of us provides a completely different flavor to this kaleidoscope of humans. And it´s required that we ALL take our place, have the courage to let go and start living the Life that we came here to Live. Once we are all in place, the machine will work smoothly.

And you wanna know a secret? Your life will be a million times more joyful, fulfilling and wild than it never was when you kept trying to grow a fruit.

This Christmas, accept the challenge of your heart. Let it shine and follow it´s lead all year long.

P.S. Thanks to my Dad for this amazing conversation and for being such an inspiring example of wisdom. Merry Christmas! I love you!