Day of the Dead?


Today is celebrated in Mexico the "Day of the Dead". A huge festivity where everywhere in the country people visit their deceased loved ones, altars are built around them with all their favorite things while they were alive, and in some towns, there are even huge walks on the streets, solely dedicated to pray for those souls and help them ensure a good spot in the heavens up above. Personally, I was always kind of "huh?" when it came to this holiday. Halloween, I loved!! Celebrating magic, spirits and a sense of mystic (and candy!) but that´s another theme for another blog. But, why celebrating death? Why celebrating someone when they are long past gone? If there is a Day of the Dead, when is the Day of the Living? When do we get to make altars for our loved living ones that spend everyday with us?

I´ve seen it once and again. Long life fights between two people, between families, between business partners finally finish when someone passes away. And that is when we fill ourselves up with "why didn´t I embrace them while they were alive?". When they leave this Earth is when we finally see them in their perfection, we let go of any grudges and see the learning,  and sometimes we even put them up on a pedestal and they will never come down again. This all, when they are gone.

So, wouldn´t it be easier if we skipped this whole deal, save ourselves some years and hit the reset button now? Wouldn´t it be easier if we simply let go of all possible grudges, talk them out (while the other person can actually reply) and appreciate the wonders of all of us being dancing in this bodies, here and now, teaching each other how to live, to flow, to be at peace, to understand that we are not single entities in this world, but part of a huge picture and that sometimes, other people might look as "the enemy" only because that is required so you can actually find your spot in the play?

Imagine that we knew all these, and that we had this present in every passing moment. No quarrels, no fights, no ten year long lawsuits, no sobbing in guilt in someone´s funeral, but actually shedding some tears honoring the life of those who pass away, knowing that we provided them with all the love, all the truth , and fed them all their favorite thing while they were up and running.

And sometimes, we did all these. Sometimes we loved, we shared, we gave, and yet, when our loved one passes away, we hurt. We hurt and keep hurting. We feel completely separated and the longing becomes a burden in our lives. Our life becomes a little less alive.

Yet, they are not gone. They haven´t gone anywhere. The same way that a loved one that lives far away is still present, the same way they are present. Space and time are merely a mirage. Love is eternal and penetrates all past and future, all distance. I don´t know where people that are no longer on this Earth go to, but I am sure it has to be a part of this Universe, everything is contained in this Universe. And our hearts are a gateway that transcends the longest distance. Our heart is our voice and our connection with every single being that exists and has existed.

Death is a mystery, a wonderful mystery as birth is. A mystery as life itself. And as mysteries our minds will never understand them, but we can live them, allow them, experience them. Yes, yes, we all have heard the example of "you don´t see the plant weeping because the flower died, because that will bring only new flowers next spring." And it´s true, yet with human life, as human beings, it somehow feels different.

However, we are here, we are alive, we are dancing, we are learning, we are learning to be more present everyday, more loving, more focused in the aspect of life that is Living eternally and that will never die. Love.

Today, love and live. Honor the life of others by honoring your own life, by committing to your dreams, to make this lifetime the best you can possibly live. Love and forgive, take action if you hold any grudges, swallow your pride and make amends, and honor everyone you love.

Make life worth it.

LifeCristina García