Things Just Are

The mind. Oh, the mind. The mind is the device that stands between you (the Experiencer) and what is experienced (your life). It is this funny mechanism that appears to live inside of your head, and that sounds like you, talks like you, and pretends to be you. So it is no accident that over the years, you have come to believe, that you are actually your mind. Yet, you are NOT. You are that which experiences life and has always experienced life throughout the years, that which doesn´t change. Like a video camera, you, the experiencer,  have been watching all your life happen through your eyes. Really, you don´t have to move a finger and life keeps just crossing through those windows called eyes, or awareness (have you ever noticed that even though you wouldn´t make ANY effort at all, life keeps happening?). Go back to a memory of when you were five:  you were there, watching. Now, a memory when you were 13.You were there, watching. When you were 27? You were, still there, still watching. The most probable thing, is that the thoughts that were commenting on the experience, were completely different in these three moments. So, no, you are not that which changes, you are that one which has been experiencing life and that never changes.

Said in other way, the real You is the video camera, and the Mind is like turning "on" the commentary on the Special Features section of the DVD. And sometimes, on this commentary, not only the director speaks, but the writer, the producer, the two main actors and a secondary one, all saying different points of view,  and it can feel pretty crowded inside your head!

Experiencing life, believing that we are actually our minds and listening to it, is similar to this: Imagine you are watching a movie (yes, let´s mantain the cinematic analogies of today). Something happens on the movie that you don´t like. You hit PAUSE and start commenting about it. "Oh, this sucks" "why is this happening?". After a while of debating, you hit PLAY again. The movie keeps on for a few minutes and you hit PAUSE again: "Seriously? Why did he tell her that? I am not sure I am liking this, where is this headed?". you hit PLAY again. Few minutes. PAUSE. "Omg! This is awesome! I love this part, it´s so cool...I hope it never changes!". PLAY. minutes, PAUSE. "No, this was not the way it was supposed to happen!".  ----And so on, and so forth, till the movie ends.

I strongly recommend you try to do this at home. See how far on the movie you can stand it!! It´s seriously annoying and the most probable thing is that you will miss the juice of the whole film.

This is kinda the way we live our lives when we believe and listen to our minds. We judge every moment, and hit pause to listen to all the commentary in our heads, missing out the perfect unfolding of the next moments, missing the hints, the details.  Every moment that we choose to  freeze frame, we miss out on the depth of it, the recognition that we are only seeing ONE FRAME of the whole movie, so it´s impossible to judge properly what really is going on.

A movie is best enjoyed simply watching it, and allowing the movie to take you on a journey. You know it ain´t real, and you know no matter what you think of it,  things will unveil in its own form. Same way with life: the more we just observe it and allow it to unfold, without hitting PAUSE every moment to comment on it, the more we shall see it unfold on its greatness.  We will sense that there is a greater vision that moves everything solely so you can experience a full, full life. And we will get that every single experience that comes to us, it´s needed, it´s perfect, it´s what is required for your movie to go on.

It is only the mind that says: "This is wrong, this is right." "This is good, this is bad." "This is acceptable, this is not."  It is the mind that pauses life every moment to debate what it thinks about what is presented in front of you. But, how many times, have you judged a situation, only to realize days after it wasn´t what you thought? How many times, have you thought something is going very bad, only to discover later on, it was actually a great thing? How many times you assume you know what is going on, only to discover it was completely the opposite? There is much more behind the scenes than what our eyes can see, and our senses experience. We are all connected and there is a huge world-wide movie happening in perfection.  How much easier would our lives be, if we only acquired that ability to experience that THINGS JUST ARE?

It is very tricky to not listen to it, when indeed it sounds like you. But yet again, it is not you.

So today, try this (after playing and pausing a movie, of course). Do not listen to your mind. Do not listen to the comments, to the assumptions, to the conclusions. Do not listen when it tells you which things are good and which things are bad. Do not listen to it´s comment on how things should be different, or how they should change. Do not listen to any of it. Let life unfold for you.

And see if you can simply experience life. If you Ascend, then of course, use your Attitudes to make it easier, and see if you discover the Silent space beyond the thoughts, where life is experienced in a more restful, joyful way.

LifeCristina García