Pleasure or Peace

Many people confuse Peace with Pleasure: Pleasure is a temporary sedative to calm the desire within.

Peace is the permanent experience of life experienced as a miracle.

The first one takes you to search for  another moment of pleasure, almost immediately, when the sedative effect wears out.

The second anchors you in the ability to experience all of creation as the maximum pleasure.

Seeking pleasure, is comfortable. One will never get out of the comfort zone in order to attain pleasure. If it is required for you to go through your own limitations, to open up and let go of your well constructed justifications and conclusions of life, then one will reject the invitation and seek a closer pleasure.

Permanent Peace requires you to do that all, and never compromise that Peace. Which means, developing the ability of letting go all your positions, and thoughts of how life should be and look like, solely for experiencing the Permanent Peace that lies within.

The pleasure seeker lives experiencing separation.

The peace seeker does whatever it takes to obtain unity with the rest.

Pleasure is moved by temporary desires.

Peace is strived by one single desire that once obtained will give you all that you have possibly ever desired, and more.

Pleasure is seeked in order to avoid pain and uncomfortable moments, yet is a very painful path.

A seeker of Peace is willing to go through to any pain or  every uncomfortable moment, only to discover it is indeed a Path of Joy.

Pleasure is the opposite of Pain.

Peace doesn´t have any opposites.

The one that seeks Pleasure, doesn´t realize that what causes that pleasure, it is not the desire obtained, but that once a certain desire is obtained, there comes a state of no-desire, no experience of lack whatsoever. So it is not jumping from one desire to another what gives that experience of pleasure, but the experience after obtaining the desires.

The one that seeks Peace, is not invested in obtaining little desires, but is interested in accomplishing only That One desire. Once obtained he experiences no lack, and a  permanent desireless state, that contains all the desires ever to be attained.

The Pleasure seeker, regardless of the desire obtained, will always start searching again, sooner rather than later, never fully present in their life, never fully embracing what they already have, always searching for the next best thing. It is a restless life.

The Peace seeker, recognizes that the only thing they have to do to obtain that Peace, is to Stop. Simply stop, and the desire will catch them. Since it is in the art of being fully present in their own lives where all Peace resides, and everything that surrounds one becomes a fulfilled desire, a miracle. It becomes a restful life, where things come to one.

The Pleasure seeker doesn´t really recognize, that the times they´ve been more fulfilled, or that they have obtained the greatest growth and happiness, is when they jumped through their comfort, their limitations, and took a leap of faith (whether voluntary or seemingly imposed). This is the moment where they have found themselves happier.

The Peace seeker faces with excitement every time that there is a limitation to be jumped, a comfort zone to be dissolved, every time they find a new position to go through, because they know, that what lies just beyond that limitation, is a more expanded version of that same Peace.

The funny thing, is that both paths are searching for the same thing: Fulfillment. The first one can take many lifetimes. The second one can take one moment. Neither of them is bad or good, neither of them is a more correct approach. They are just that.

Pleasure is the engine for 99% of humanity.

Peace is the experience of 1% of them.

Which one are you?

LifeCristina García