A Letter From Truth

Hello, I am Truth. Here we meet again at 3 am when I have to wake you all of a sudden, slapping your head until you suddenly wake up. Maybe in the silence of the night, when you are not so distracted by your busy life - and your busy head - you will listen to me.  Sorry I had to be so abrupt but sometimes I see no other choice. 

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Remember the rebel.

Do not settle for something less than you know in your heart you can experience. Life is a wonderful adventure and it´s full of people that gave up and settled for something less than amazing. Don´t be that person.

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In the dark.

One of the things I am most grateful for is that nowadays, whenever I close my eyes, there´s silence. Pure, pristine, absolutely peaceful silence. I does not matter if I am in the bathroom, if I am driving - just kidding - , if I am at a restaurant, at the supermarket, or in the middle of a stressful situation. If I close my eyes for the tiniest bit, say three seconds, there is silence. It wasn´t always like that.

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Quote of the day

Peace comes from accepting everything exactly as it is, starting with yourself.Embrace yourself as you are, not as you think you are, not as you wish you were, not as your head tells you that you are, but simple allow your every moment expression to shine through.

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Candy Thoughts

If today you are happy, you look back and all you can remember is happiness. All the good things in your work, in your relationship, or in the city you live in. But tomorrow something happens, something that our mind labeled as "bad", and when you look back, the same part of your life that yesterday was heaven, today, it has been nothing less than hell. Our minds will justify any position it wants to believe. Any. Make no mistake about it, because this is what the mind does. And needless to say, none of those perceptions, are true.

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