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The third year manifiesto

My commitment to spiritual freedom and unconditional love hit me in the face. When one commits to something, the Universe delivers with all its power for your to experience it. I started bumping into my own ideals, my own expectations, my own shoulds and shouldnts, my own demons. I started experiencing my worst traits projected in him, and also my highest qualities. A lot of the aspects that I thought were gone (and many more I didn´t even know existed), would come up in the mornings.

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Starts with you, ends with you

Me, I am an eternal lover. I love love. Real love is within, but I also believe in real relationships. Relationships full of love, truth, humbleness and walking together in the wonderful path towards the return of Self. Holding hands in the calm sea and in the highest tides. Relationships made easy by our own determination to let go of what is complicated within us. At the end of the day, our relationships are a reflection of who and how we are inside, guiding us to the real love within.

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