Comeback Angels 


Friendship is a precious thing. So precious, so selfless, so incredibly pure. As a resting  dragon, it may be dormant for years, but then, whenever there's a call from a far away kingdom, the dragon wakes up, puts himself together and roars.  That's sort of what happened today.

I've been friends with a group of wonderful highschool girls for many, many years. We graduated in 2000, when silver and gold where the colors in vogue and Mambo number 5 was playing all-freaking-day-long. We were the cool crowd. The pretty crowd. The Dr. Martin crowd. The baddass crowd.

Over the years we all moved from our hometown. Most of them married -except errrr me-, most of them with children -except, well, me.- and all of us live completely different lives. And we seldom see each other. We haven't been all in the same room for more than 10 years.

But lately one of them has been having problems. An alcoholic, stupid ass husband that mentally abused her for years and now has left her, with two kids, in a foreign city, with no notice, and ran away with a girl he used to date back in the day. Oh, I want to punch that mofo in the face. 

And she crumbled into pieces while trying to support her two beautiful girls after 15 years of marriage or so.

It took a phone call from one of them to put me on guard. To wake up the dragon. And her passion created a series of helpful events that got my ginger friend three plane tickets to move back home, with her family. We all started calling each other, after years of not even listening to our voices, and like candle lights across the country we lit up. The dragon was roaring and spitting fire, protecting the one that needed it most. 

No one will touch our girls. It's as true now as it was back then, when that same guy was cheating on our friend with the same girl he now ran away with, and we caught him and exposed him in front of the whole school. 

Time doesn't exist in true friendship. It's been proven today. We will carry each other through this lifetime. Anytime. Anywhere.

Do not mess with us.