Bye bye Mad Men


spoiler alert. If you haven´t seen the series finale of MadMen, please come back when you have!  It´s gone forever. #madmen #DonDraper #oldfashioned



I´ve never had such an outburst of emotions in a series finale. I was laughing and crying at the same time, my boyfriend laughing at me with a perplexed gaze. This was probably 15 minutes after the credits ended I was still lost in a turmoil of emotions with Bye Bye Birdie playing in the back of my head. Perhaps the fact that it was a Sunday helped, or the memories that came bursting when I had to pause the episode and cry for Betty Draper, when I was actually crying for my mother´s death.

Peggy and Stan. Finally. Best love declaration ever.

Or perhaps it is that for years I followed this show that exuded perfection, style, class and such an accurate portrayal on the complexities of being human.  Subtext was everything. So it is in real life. And the ending was no exception. Superb.

Men unable to express, let alone understand, their emotions. Women that were taught to look pretty and find a husband. This was not so long ago! We have come so far a a society haven´t we? Now we get to say what we want -or not-, look for what we desire -or not-, choose our paths, study -or not-, have -or not- kids, marry -or not-, marry our same sex -or not-, expect our partners to be faithful, or choose to have an open relationship; we can wear whatever clothes we choose, sometimes from the sixties if can find them! And thank God for the internet.

But those generations broke a lot of concept tupper-wares so we could have an existence with less rigidity and more happiness. Every link in our tree has done something for us. Yes, there are still racists, homophobics and people that promise you will go to hell if Jesus doesn´t save you. But now, those people are the exception, while the norm is all embracing, be-who-you-want-to-be people. I am talking about the western society here. I cannot speak for things I haven´t experienced.

I remember my grandma´s face when she learned I once had a black boyfriend. I was priceless. I didn´t hear the end of it for the whole afternoon! No wonder why Don Draper ends up at a spiritual retreat feeling like he couldn´t even breathe. So much crap installed in their systems. It all had to evolve to hippies and sexual freedom and breaking all paradigms possible. Cheers to my uncles and aunts.

We are so very lucky to live in this time. Sure, I am on of those people that wishes the glamour wasn´t gone, that dreams with dancing Sinatra-style salons and with going to dinner would be an event. I love playing Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James.I love how smoking was in vogue! My latest drink of choice is an old-fashioned and I love it way more than I would ever love a screwdriver.

I sure love the imagery of those times, but the mindset would´ve drowned me. Or I would´ve become a Peggy, or a Joan, or Meg, or any other woman that chose a different road.

Praise to everyone that came before us and has helped open the roads of the mind, the heart and life in general. Truly. You rock. Thanks to you I am who I am and I get to choose a better life for myself. And I hope that as a generation our descendants can say the same of us.

At the end, it is just one life. One story of humanity. And someone opening up a bottle of scotch somewhere, has me here, right now, writing this.

This is the real thing.