Date night

Today I woke up like a good ol' 14 year old in the midst of her period. Yes, I wanted to find a reason within the perfect scenario of my boyfriend washing dishes, making coffee and cooking breakfast, to start crying. As you can guess, I couldn't.

He won me over. It's not that he ignored me but he didn't succumbed to it either. So I started laughing. I relaxed. Then I went to the beach, enjoyed the "winter", read, had a beer, went for lunch, taught a meditation class, and ended up dressing up to go and have dinner at the restaurant where my partner works.

And my mouth exploded in 1000 ways. The menu is made by my very good friend chef Diego Becerra, (you can Instagram him @cocinerodiego). I want to think that a monk that cooks will impact the food into unknown tastes. It was. Scallops, lemon pepper beef and shrimp continued to implode in my mouth while I had a conversation with my boyfriend about life, love, strip clubs and the excessive need of "normal" people to have affairs.

Always seeking to satisfy what is unsatisfying with the external, we constantly are trying to be something we are not while running away at 2 am for some satisfaction.

If only people knew our teaching. If only people knew that it is possible to live happily without seeking naked body after naked body.

I really wish that.

And my date was incredible. We were just two people having dinner while discussing life. But his eyes..... Oh wow.... If you could go deep into his eyes you will see how amazing it is to be his girl. And six months after I love him for that.

LifeCristina García