Uh uh...... ih ih.....

Today I had an amazing day. I guess everyday can be amazing depending on where you are standing huh? We had some friends over for late lunch, some wine, hamburgers and some surfing videos. Let's not forget I am a costeña now. Then, out of the blue and for the stupidest reason, I started fighting with my bf.

Little kids, unreasoned, fight. Really stupid.

As primal as our emotions can be, I did what was most ethical: I stormed out the door. It doesn't close very well so I had to slam it at risk of sounding like a dramatic woman.

And then, there I was, standing outside, with nowhere to go. I just moved here and I have no friends. Ha! And ha!

So I did what any Ishaya would do; I asked for help. Call the only other Ishaya in town aside from me and my bf.

And dudes, help works marvels. Just the action of reaching out for someone and saying: dude this is embarrassing but I cannot do this alone, completely shifted my attention and I forgot about my drama while enjoying a beer with my new friend.

I was definitely not interested in looping with my story and complain all night. I really wanted an out. I did. And I got it. Peace was back.

And naturally, somehow, things worked themselves out. I ended up finding my boyfriend at a random place and here we are, simply licking the apparent wounds and exchanging some extra love with each other.

Nothing had to be said, nothing had to be fixed. We only had only had to say uh, uh.....ih,ih.

And why was it amazing? Because thanks to that I have a new friendship. Thanks to that I remembered that there is no pride on who takes the next step to make peace. Thanks to that I know that time apart is wasted and it only takes an uh uh.... ih ih, to make out.

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