The arrow of love

Love will go through any means, any means, to rest forever in your heart. When you are in the presence of love, everything that is not love will come up to the surface, to be seen, and, if one is open enough, immediately let it go.

Love cannot coexist with fear, doubt, jealousy, feelings of non-acceptance or victim hood. It's either one, or the other. Pain doesn't come from love itself. It's impossible. Pain comes from our own resistance to hold on to what it's being shown to us.

Love is an ever-expanding energy. Our hearts must expand forever when in the presence of love. And for that, any lock, any limit, any obstacle must be removed, whatever it takes. The more open we are to let go of our barriers, our self imposed defenses, the easier, less dramatic, less chaotic it gets, and the shift can be made swiftly.

How wise is love, that we don't even have to figure which aspects are not love and therefore being let go of. They are always shown up right in our faces by the relationships in our lives. Yet,

we make them about how the other person makes us feel, and believe that the problem resides on the other person, which is ironic because who exactly is having the problem? where is it felt? Inside of us, not them. We don't realize the enormous gift they are offering us. Instead of being grateful for helping us become aware of our inner contradictions, of the voices that make us feel small..... we fight, we reject, we control, we blame thinking that once they change, our voices will go away.

And this never works.

We might run, change the characters in our lives, but love will constantly show up again, to show us the same things again and again.

Some of us never learn, some of us do. Some of us learn that the only way is to stop making it about others, to start recognizing that those voices have been there forever, and that the only way out is to open up, stop rejecting, and let go. Immediately, love will replace the empty space that the pattern left.

They, the people in our lives, whereas consciously and sometimes completely unconsciously, through love, are showing us exactly what we need to let go of. It's a service, regardless of how it might look like at certain moments.

Those people are the angels in our lives, and certainly, in order to play that role, they must love us immensely, to have enough courage to show us our biggest inner demons.

Maybe next time someone makes you feel unloved or small, we will be able to see it for what it is, to say thank you, and to remember that we are not those fears and insecurities.

No one has the power to make us happy, and no one has the power to make us sad. Yet, it's through our relationships that we get to see that, to enjoy them, and to dedicate more time to praise and joy, without resisting the yucky moments because, them too, are love.

Once we become aware of this, then we can help each other go through our limits. The blame goes away, the harshness goes away, the sense of isolation certainly goes away. We can grab our hands, and enjoy the waves, the calm ocean and the storms together.

It´s in the sharing that we enjoy ourselves.

And love will never rest, until what's left its only him.

LifeCristina García