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Blowing a kiss to 2014

I am not breaking any news by saying that another year went by. We are all aware of that except maybe the babies, the people with Alzheimer´s (like my grandma, who even though was not aware, celebrated with my uncle), and probably the chinese that celebrate a bit further, but of this last statement I am not even sure. Beyond any beliefs of astrology, chinese horoscope or energy portals opening and closing, what I know is that my year was a blast of changes, turns, ups, downs, swirls, twirls and surprises. And I really had to keep my arms wide open so I wouldn´t scratch my palms when things had to be gone, and I would have space between my hands to embrace the hugeness of what was coming.

These are the highlights of my 2014:

It was the first year without my mom. Like, without her presence on this Earth. Er... the physical presence, cuz the other one I really do feel it strongly once in a while. I swear even her smell visits sometimes. Dude, I really do not wish anyone has to experience this, it sucks. I know a lot people do, and I know a lot of people experience it way worst than I did.

It sucks. Period.

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