Peanut butter jelly time..... organic - ish

Organic, home grown, DIYs, locally harvested, eat green, detox, and helvetica. 2015. I am no exception to be caught up in the turmoil of smoothies, juices, red quinoa, black quinoa and rainbow quinoa posts. I have fallen, more than once, unto the rabbit hole: never ending hours of research, reading, absorbing information, jumping from health page to cooking page, to alternative healing page, back to science page. Is turmeric really that good for you?? More times than not, I end up exhausted from all the mixed signals that the internet nowadays seem to send. I get so frustrated that I usually just make myself a bowl of popcorn and forget about the whole things.

Alkaline yourself, but not your tummy because it´s acid that kills the bugs. Drink warm water in the morning with lime, but only after baking soda with sparkling water, but only after water with honey, but only after ginger and whatever. I wish at least once that it would say: drink a gin a tonic first thing in the morning. I am sure the day would go great!!!

Yet I really love the whole idea of growing your own stuff, learn about what you eat, support businesses (big or small, i don´t care) that are conscious, coherent and helpful to our planet. And overall, being cooking one of my biggest passions, I love, love the whole new universe that has opened up for me.

Yesterday I spent the day hunting for organic shops, or local stores, talking to people, single picking everything I bought. I live in a city in Mexico where organic means nothing and health means going to the beach and having a beer during sunset - let´s face it, it is-.  So it is a a tough task to be able to find nutritional yeast. And trust me when I tell you that I am not the health coach queen not even remotely. I just like to have fun.

I just got distracted by the smell in my kitchen. Roasted peanuts. Why? Because I just got a Vitamix as a birthday present and I am absolutely allured by the magic of it. And I found peanuts at a tiny shop. And i thought it would such a great idea to make peanut butter from scratch. And halfway of peeling... oh.. man, I was so grateful for the people in the world who peel peanuts so we can eat them. And now, the roasted smell coming from my oven is delightful.

I am off to actually make peanut butter. And eat it. I´ll try to be healthier everyday.

PS. let´s ignore the fact that it is Friday night and I am uber excited about watching peanuts get pulverised in a blender on steroids. Yes, I am 34 now. You guessed right, I am indeed having a glass of wine.

If only my mom could see me.

Half hour later update: One of my friends told me that the longer I roasted the peanuts, the tastier. Well, I got caught up writing this blog and the peanuts came out black. Which means, I have no peanut butter. It was more like charcoal dust. Well, at least it got me writing again!

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