Saturday prints

These are some random imprints of today: 1. I realize that at 33, the love for the most bizarre things comes. Like enjoying, to the extent of bliss, buying a printer that worked perfectly for cardstock printing after a week of researching. When was I going to spend hours researching printers in my twenties?

Add to that: Saturday night and I am printing out having the time of my life setting up the printer and drooling of joy when the cardboard actually worked! Ahhhhh the thirties.

2. Not all energy sensations in the body have a reason. Because, when you find a reason, "magically" turns out it wasn't that cuz the bloody energy is still there. Better leave the energy be. It's uncomfortable, it sucks to have a ball of yuck in the stomach area, but at least you are not going to be adding a crazy thought stream trying to figure out what is wrong. This too, shall pass.

3. It's possible to express a negative perception in a gentle way. I spent days trying to avoid telling my boyfriend something that was annoying me. Today, somehow I came out nicely and gently. What did I get back? Nice and gentle love. It's freaking great to share my days with someone that is humble enough to receive something like that and be able to give love in return.

Note: I have an extremist mind that only knows black and white. So whenever I see something i don't like, I tend to want to break things up and I imagine the worst outcomes.

4. A bump in the road is bump in the road. There is no need to change cars and try to find a different lane.

5. I make the best green enchiladas.

6. I am not that old. Now I am enjoying a gin and tonic. At a bar.

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