A new laugh

I guess as human beings we tend to develop a lot of habits, actions and constant reactions out of what our environment demands of us. Even though swallowing is natural, we learn to eat properly with a spoon because our parents taught us manners. - My mom always tried to teach me to sit straight and put my feet on the floor while eating but she did not succeed at that.- But there are other things we develop without no one particularly teaching us. We learn to cry so we get food. We learn to crawl to arrive some place. If we are of curious nature, we will learn to tear electronics apart just to put them back. We learn certain defense mechanism in order to socialize at school and we even learns certain personality traits just to be noticed.

Well, I discovered recently that my body developed a new laugh. I´ve been laughing so much lately and my everyday life is much more full of laughter, that my environment asked my body to develop a deeper, stronger laugh. How sweet.

No, i did not spent hours in the mirror trying different sounds. I was not even conscious really of this new laughter until one day I heard myself.

I guess it´s a good way to measure your daily joy intake. Do you laugh? How often? How hard? How many times a week do you laugh until your eyes are wet?

LIfe is sweet when you laugh. May you surround yourself with people that constantly fuel your joy. I know I am blessed to have that. And if you are not a good laugher, pull the stick out of your ass. Laughing is good food.

Btw. Today is challenge day 4 I think. Today was hard!